About Heroscape.org

Heroscape.org contains several major tools designed to enhance the great game of Heroscape.

Autoload Builder

The Autoload Builder helps build an army for a given point/figure/hex total. It (optionally) supports VC units and delta pricing.


The Conventions page allows a full convention to be organized, including signing up attendees and having tournaments linked to the convention.

Damage Calculator

The Damage Calculator lets you calculate the probability of each outcome for a given attack v. defense roll.


The Maps page displays many of the best Heroscape maps, along with information such as author, sets required, build instructions, and various tags.


The Scoring page lets you calculate the point value (via partial card scoring) for up to 2 armies simultaneously. This helps resolve games that have gone to time.


The Tournaments page allows any user to create a tournament and run round-pairings for that tournament.