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The Conventions page supports running a Heroscape convention, where a convention consists of a series of tournaments played by a common player pool.

A convention must be created manually by Chris Perkins. Contact Heroscape.org if you would like to use the site to run a convention.


  • Registration : A user must have an account on Heroscape.org to register. Optionally, you may specify a private key that a user must use to register for the convention.
  • Tournaments : Each tournament that is part of the convention is listed on the main convention page. Once a user is registered for the convention, they are then able to register for individual tournaments.
  • Standings : An overall standings list that combines records from all tournaments in the convention is displayed on the main convention page.
  • Announcements : A convention admin may make an announcement to all users registered for the convention. This causes an email to be sent to each user containing the announcement.