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The Tournaments page supports the logistics of running an individual tournament, including creating pairings and allowing result submission.

As a Player

Before the Tournament

The tournament director will provide you with a URL for that tournament.

If you do not already have an account on Heroscape.org, create an account. Note that new accounts must have their email verified before they can be used (click a link in an email that is sent to you upon account creation).

Login to Heroscape.org.

Go to the URL for the tournament, and click 'Sign-up'. You should then see your username displayed in the standings below.

Click 'Submit Army', and use the army builder tool to enter your army(s) and submit it. Once this is done, you should see your army(s) displayed next to your name in the standings on the main tournament page.

You're all set! Wait for the tournament to begin.

During the Tournament

Each round, you will be sent an email when the round begins telling you your matchup for that round. The email specifies your opponent, which map you are on, and your opponent's army(s).

After your game is done, one player from the game should submit the result via the 'Report Result' button next to your game on the main tournament page.

You're all set! Wait for the next round to start.

After the Tournament

The final standings will remain on the tournament page.

As a Tournament Director

Before the Tournament

Create the tournament. You'll need to specify all of the details of your tournament (see 'Tournament Settings' below).

Share the URL of the tournament (generated once you create the tournament) with your players.

MapsEnter the maps the tournament will use. On the tournament page, under the 'Admin Actions' section, find the 'Maps' section, and click 'Add New Game Map' for each map you'll be using. The software works to avoid map rematches, so if you have multiple copies of the same map, make sure to give them different numbers by specifying both the map 'Name' and map 'Number'. The 'Active' option means a map will be used; if a map needs to be removed for some number of rounds, you can de-select the 'Active' checkbox. The 'For Streaming' option means that the map will get one of the higher ranked matchups assigned to it.

Temp UsersIf you have any users who do not have access to a WiFi device, or don't have an email address to create an account with, you can add them as a temporary user and enter their information for them. Under the 'Admin Actions' section, under 'Add (Non-User) Player', enter their name and army(s) and click 'Create'. They should then appear in the standings list above. Note that this means they will NOT get emailed their pairings, and will not be able to submit results themselves (their opponent, or a TD, will have to enter the result of their game; a TD can enter the result of any game).

AnnouncementsIf you need to make an announcement to the players (before, during, or after the tournament), you can enter your announcement into the box under 'Make Announcement' and click 'Announce!'. This will sent an email to each player containing the message.

During the Tournament

Once the scheduled start time for the tournament has passed, you'll be able to pair round 1.

Create PairingsFor each round, click 'Pair Next Round'. The pairings will then display in a table at the top of the page. If you need to make any changes, you can drag and drop a player (or map) onto another spot in the table to switch them. Players cannot yet see the pairings at this point. Pairings are created using swiss-style power matchups while working to avoid rematches where possible. Pairings also work to avoid map-rematches for the players (where possible).

Edit Parings (if needed)If you need to edit the parings, you can drag & drop a player onto another player's spot in the pairings to switch them, or a map name into another map spot to switch the maps. Note that a game that is a rematch between two players will have the row highlighted in red to alert you of the potential issue. The software works to avoid re-matches where possible, but prioritizes swiss-style matches over re-match avoidance where applicable.

Publish PairingsWhen you are happy with the pairings, and ready to start the round, click 'Publish & Start Round'. This will sent an email to each user with their pairings, display the pairings publicly on the page, and start the round timer. Once the round has been started, you can no longer edit the matchups.

Cancel RoundIf a round has been started and you notice something is wrong (player should have been inactive, the wrong map is used, etc.), you can cancel that round by clicking 'Cancel Current Round' (under 'Admin Actions'). That will delete all data associated with the current round and return the tournament to the state it was in before that round was paired. You will then have to re-pair the round after fixing whatever was wrong.

Inactive PlayerIf a player needs to drop the tournament, you can mark them 'inactive' by selecting their name under 'Drop/Undrop Player' (below 'Admin Actions') and clicking 'Drop Player'. You can re-activate them later, if needed, by selecting their name again and clicking 'Un-Drop Player'. An inactive player will remain in the standings, but will not be paired into future rounds.

Edit ResultsIf a game result has been entered incorrectly, you can fix the result by going to 'Edit Game Result' (under 'Admin Actions'), choosing the round, choosing the game, and then re-entering the correct result and clicking 'Submit'.

Data BackupIf the software malfunctions, or you choose to switch away from using it mid-tournament for any reason, data is being backed up to a Google Sheet that you can access by clicking the 'Google Sheet' link directly under 'Admin Actions'.

After the Tournament

Get some well deserved rest.

Tournament Settings

There are a number of settings that can be specified when creating a tournament.


  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • Player Cap
  • Round Length
  • Allow Signups After (When Users Can Signup After)
  • Allow Army Submission After (When Users Can Submit their Army(s) After)
  • Late Signups Allowed (or not)

Teams & Multiplayer:

  • Team Size (1 = No Teams)
  • # Players Per Game (2 = Default)

Elimination Structure:

  • # Losses to be Eliminated
  • Pairing Players Who Have Been Eliminated

Multiple Armies:

  • # Armies Per Player
  • Points Shared Between Armies

Core Army Restrictions:

  • Point Limit
  • Hex Limit
  • Figure Limit

Unit Pricing:

  • Delta v. Standard Pricing

Figure Restrictions:

  • VC Included?
  • Marvel Included?
  • Uniques Only?
  • Commons Only?
  • Heroes Only?
  • Squads Only?